Welcome to Nuzlocke of Ernie.

Yes, yet another Nuzlocke run-based Pokemon comic! A vast majority of this series will be an experiment, but I hope I can at least be entertaining in the meantime. Anyway, this is the story of the rookie Pokemon trainer Ernie, as he yearns to be the very best, like noone ever was.

Not dead, hoping the comic isn't one of these days.

Hey, whoever's still around; rather than repeat myself, just read my latest journal on DA: http://sea-salt.deviantart.com/journal/State-of-the-Gallery-thing-611227280

TL;DR: No idea when this comic is updating, but I'd love to continue it again someday.

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Back, and new pages coming soon!

Hey guys, just letting you all know I'm still alive and haven't forgotten about y'all. : p

Things are quiet again now that Mechacon and my move are done, so I finally have some time to work on pages again. The next update is in the works as of this post, and I'm crossing my fingers to have it out within the next couple of weeks.

So, until then, stay cool!

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Nuzlocke news

Alright, a few things to list today. First off, as I'm sure most people already know, there's been a wiki page started for Nuzlocke comics. Just in case anyone hasn't checked it out yet, just click right over here. (And for the NoE page that I've just put up, click here)

Next up, the next update for the comic should be up within a couple of days. It's a much shorter one, being a bonus story, but it'll at least kill a minute or two for you guys.

And finally, wanna link you guys to the third story of the current shared-universe-Nuzlocke-thingie (we really need a name for this...) that both mine and the
Nuzlocke of April are part of. Go check out the Nuzlocke of Dimitry when you get a chance!

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Failed Classic runs?

Just realized I never posted this question outside of my Deviantart page...

Anyway, at some point in the comic, I plan on referencing some failed classic nuzlocke runs. Pretty much anything from Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystal (or Green, if someone was that daring to attempt nuzlocking in Japanese : P). Can't really give any details as to their significance, so you'll just have to see when I get there. : P

So what I need, are some suggestions from anyone reading. Whether it's your own past nuzlockes that you failed, or if you know of any that you could point me towards, it all works. Just would need a link to the comic, if it applies, or a description of the fallen trainer and one of their pokemon.

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Q&A for Ernie and co., anyone?

Since I've been at this run for well over a year now, and since I've seen this done by numerous other nuzlocke artists, I've been considering the possibility of doing a Q&A session for the cast.

Of course, this all depends on if there's any demand from you guys for something like this. Can't really answer any questions if they aren't asked, eh? : p

So yeah, what do you guys think? Should the gang find themselves before the mic in, say, about two months? And if you have any, try to save the questions for when I make a post about submitting them. Would hate to lose out on something good to answer. xP

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Still alive!

Just a quick update for you guys. The next update is definitely in the works (despite this ridiculous lapse in activity), and I'm crossing my fingers to have something up for you all by next week.

So things are still kicking on this end! And a belated Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you guys!

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Thanksgiving update, woo!

Hey guys, it's been a while! Chapter 48 is finally finished, as you can see, so it should give at least a few minutes of something to do while you guys (or at least those in the US) are digesting turkey dinners.

Here's to hoping the next part doesn't take as long to surface (it'd be nice to be past #50 by Christmas...). Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I've started this comic, eh? I'll have to figure something to do for you guys for sticking around.

Til next time!

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Updates this week!

Ernie updates coming this week, I promise!! Hate that I'm running late on this thing, but it'll at least be a pretty big story (bigger than I planned anyway...). Look for the first part sometime tomorrow!

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